Word on the Street: Interview With Today’s Buyers

First time buyers Alex and Ally were sick of renting and wanted a place of their own to call home. After an exhausting experience with their last landlord, they decided enough was enough and hit the buying market hard. But it was not without its challenges! Hear a real-life story from today’s buyers about the real estate marketplace, and what they are looking for, in both the home and the buying experience.

Q: Ally & Alex, thank you for taking some time to share your buying experience with our audience. I know in particular sellers will be interested in what you have to say as much as other buyers out there! Tell me, what prompted you to finally decide to purchase a home and give up renting?

A: Throwing away money on rent was tiring and expensive. I always hated signing my next lease, and dreaded the impending move-out date. We just wanted a longer-term, more stable situation, with some control over our future. We also wanted a healthier environment for our pets, a place where they could easily run around and enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

Q: So what were your overall impressions of the housing market here in the Southwest metro?

A: The housing market was a new experience for me. I had always heard about it from my parents and grandparents, but I never really understood its complexity and speed until I started looking for a home. We entered the market during a very lucrative time for sellers, which made the game fast and trying. Finding a suitable house within our budget in such a short timespan would not have been possible without the help of a seasoned real estate agent. Experience is a big plus when working with an agent, as is local market knowledge, and you gave us both. You really matched us up well with the perfect home for our needs, at the right price, in seemingly no time.

Q: Hey, I appreciated your enthusiasm, that is always a plus with buyers! So, in terms of the house you finally settled on, what drew you in, why did you end up choosing that one?

A: We were looking for a sizable rambler within our budget, with enough room inside and outside of the house for our two large dogs, and with all the living facilities on one level. That one level floor plan just makes for easy living. We also wanted a house that was well maintained and had all the big projects done, like roof, windows, and furnace, but that had some smaller, cosmetic projects left for us to do, so we could transform it into “our” home and add our personality to it. We ended up finding exactly what we were looking for.

Q: Well, speaking of those little “projects” you were excited to get going, what are your plans to renovate the home in the next few years?

A: We have already begun to update our downstairs bathroom. We also plan to install a privacy fence, and renovate our main floor bathroom later this spring. Soon after, we hope to renovate the entire basement, to create a space where we can invite guests to a more entertaining environment. And of course we will get our hands dirty in landscaping around the perimeter of the home to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of the exterior.

Q: Thank you both for sharing your words and your experiences with us. We wish you a long, fruitful home ownership experience!

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