Sold! Top Minnesota Luxury Homes & Estates

2021 proved to be the best year in history for Minnesota luxury home sales. Pent-up demand chased a record low supply of luxury homes, causing prices to jump significantly. In Minnesota, we had 1,600+ sales of homes over $1 million, 200+ sales of homes over $2 million, and 50+ sales of homes over $3 million. Here are the 5 top sales from the Edina and Lake Minnetonka markets…

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Best Edina New Construction Homes for Sale

Edina is the Minnesota capital of luxury new construction homes, boasting 30-50 sales per year of million plus new luxury homes. The best builders flock to Edina, and discriminating customers know the best product can be found here. For your viewing pleasure, here are the best Edina new construction luxury homes for sale and ready for occupancy right now.

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Edina Car Show Coming Soon!

Bentley.  Lamborghini.  Ferrari.  Bugatti.   These exotic cars and brands are part and parcel of the luxury lifestyle.  And now you have a chance to see not just a garage, but a parking lot, full of these exotic, collector, and vintage cars at the 3rd Annual Edina Car Show.  This exciting Edina Car Show takes place on Saturday, September 11, from 12 to 4 pm in the southeast parking lot of Southdale Center (in front of the old Herberger’s). This is a family-friendly event and admission is free!

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Minnesota Spring Home Selling Tips

Selling a Minnesota home in the spring time takes the right expertise and advice, in order to maximize the sales price for the home. Generally, Minnesota sales peak in June, making the first few months of the year integral to preparing a home for sale effectively. Here are our top Minnesota spring home selling tips for maximizing equity when selling in the spring market.

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Twin Cities Annual Housing Report

The seasonal spring market is exceptionally robust in Minnesota, and is the best time of year to sell a home. And now is about the time sellers start thinking about it! But before sellers make their decision, they often want to know the answers to these questions: What is the overall health of the market? How is my city and area performing compared to the overall market? And what can I expect from this year’s spring market? To find these answers, we need to take a quick look back at 2020, and the impact of the pandemic on the housing markets here.

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Best Edina Luxury Home Neighborhoods

Edina has some of the most beautiful single family neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, all featuring unique subdivisions and streetscapes, quality housing stock, gorgeous parks, streams, lakes and trails, and quick access to local schools and retail.  The quality of life in Edina is high!  Here are the top Edina luxury home neighborhoods, ranked both by sales and overall popularity.

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Top 5 Luxury Homes For the Pandemic

Minnesotans love their caves. We couldn’t survive the brutal winters and the change of seasons without them. And so, more than any other luxury home market, our housing stock may be perhaps the best suited to ride out the pandemic in style and comfort. Here are the top 5 Minnesota luxury homes for the pandemic lifestyle that offer all the appointments we need: pools, lakefront, offices, game rooms, wine cellars, big garages, and big yards.

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The Pandemic & Your Real Estate II

If you’re like most homeowners, you have a lot of questions right now about the state of the real estate market, and the future of the housing market in Minnesota and in your little piece of the world.   Well, I have some answers!  Here are my top 5 success stories from the real estate market that will show you how to succeed in selling your home right now.

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