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Edina has great neighborhoods, great housing stock, a great school district, and great Edina Twinhomes for Sale. Although there are not many Edina twinhomes available in Edina, the ones that are for sale generally feel very much like a single family home. These Edina twinhomes have more square footage than a townhome, more yardspace, and more storage, and feel more like Edina homes for sale. Most of these twinhomes for sale can be found in West Edina along Malibu Drive, and in east Edina in the Cornelia Neighborhood on Glouchester Drive. However, you will find other Edina twinhomes for sale in other parts of the city here and there. The largest twinhomes range over 3,000 square feet and have spacious lots. Unlike a townhome, Edina twinhome owners also own the land outright, and there are no associations to manage or maintain the yard for the owner’s benefit. Many buyers who end up purchasing an Edina twin home actually prefer having their own yard that they can landscape and improve with patios and decks, much like a single family home.

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Edina Twinhomes for Sale

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