June 12, 2015 Josh Sprague

Tips for Easy Outdoor Entertaining


Summer is almost here! The weather is getting warm and it is time to take your parties outdoors. Get ready for your next outdoor party with these easy entertaining ideas.

Prep The Yard

Mow your lawn, trim your trees and bring on the plants. Plants can liven things up and make your yard look beautiful.

Get Your Game On

Who doesn’t enjoy playing yard games? Purchase a few yard games and set them up before your guests arrive to your party. Yard games are great for kids as well as adults.


Add a Twinkle To The Night

Make your backyard glow with decorative string lights.


Add Extra Seating

Have places ready for your guests to sit and bring out a few large pillows. You want your guests to have the option to sit and be comfortable.


Select a Theme

Choose a theme for your party and run with it. Go ahead and decorate for the theme. This can be a lot of fun for the guests and can really make decorating easier.

Add Music

Set the mood by playing music. Before the party, create a playlist of your favorite songs or songs that the people you have over would really enjoy.


Do you have any additional tips for easy outdoor entertaining? Share them with us in the comments below!

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