May 1, 2016 Josh Sprague

Top 5 Bathroom Design Trends

top bathroom design trends luxury

A very common question I get on our luxury real estate blog relates to bathroom and kitchen trends, what’s hot, and what’s not. Most of the time it comes up on the most common type of walkthrough I do for current and potential clients: the remodeling walk-through.  This is when someone is thinking of selling, now or in the near future, and wants to know what improvements will generate the best return on investment, and generate the most perception of value for buyers. So, for the purposes of this article, let’s talk about the top 5 trends in bathroom design in the context of what will appeal to future buyers, and generate a good return for the seller.  Here they are:

1. Bigger Shower

As has happened with kitchens, most homeowners today are looking to achieve a more “open feel” in their bathrooms.  Walk-in showers, also known as doorless showers, are a desired bathroom feature because they are as functional as they are beautiful.


Walk-in showers provide nice architectural volume in the bathroom space and are very accessible.  Seniors do not have to step up and over a curb to get into them.  With their function and beauty, walk-in showers are becoming extremely popular.

2. Freestanding Tub

Bathtubs are not going anywhere. And freestanding, deep soaking tubs will be a very popular choice in 2015.  Freestanding bathtubs are often chosen now as a focal point of the bathroom layout, almost as a piece of art.  These luxurious bathtubs set the mood for


relaxation and rest.  Freestanding tubs also save a lot of space, which provides homeowners with the opportunity to add additional elements to their bathroom, such as custom built-ins, double vanities, and additional must-have items.

3. Gray Tones

Gray was a popular color choice for bathrooms in 2014. And this color trend is here to stay in 2015. The great thing about gray is


that it’s timeless, serene, and neutral. It creates a canvas that allows a space to be easily updated now, and any time down the road.

4. Water-Saving Toilets

Water-saving toilets are in high demand, as are many green-friendly products that save money, energy, and the environment.


Water-saving toilets are high-tech, energy-efficient and available at a good price.  They are also available in modern designs that add a touch of sculptural beauty to the bathroom space.

5. Led Lighting

Lighting always plays an important role in the look and feel of any room in the home. LED lighting takes this one step further, with its mood-enhancing features and energy savings features.   That is why LED lighting is also one of the top bathroom trends.


When total energy costs are considered over the long term, LED lighting is both more affordable and more practical than other alternative. LED lighting also provides a more dynamic ambience to your bathroom setting,

Keep in mind, as tastes change, so will the top trends. But well-installed elements in a well-designed space will always be timeless. If it feels like luxury to you, it probably is!

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