September 9, 2018 Josh Sprague

5 Tips for Selling Your Minnesota Home


Some home selling strategies work better than others in Minnesota. Whether you are selling a home in Edina, Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka, or Lake Superior, these tried-and-test approaches will help maximize your sales price and minimize your market time and headache. Back by popular demand, here are my top 5 tips for selling your Minnesota home.

1. Follow the Seasons of Selling.

Take a look at the pending sales graph above from the last 4 years.  Sales start to grow in January, reach their maximum by May, and then wind down through the busy summer and fall months to holiday time, when consumers have the least interest in buying homes.  To maximize this seasonal demand, smart sellers will have their homes prepped and listed in the first quarter of the year (January-March).

2. Grab Your Drone Video in Advance.

Drone video is the most compelling way to tell the story of a home’s lot, location, and lifestyle.  Drone video is also highly engaging to consumers and viral on social media.  But the video you use should reflect the best of seasons, even if you list in the worst.

Shoot your drone videos in the late summer and fall, for use in the first few bleak, winter months of the new year.  We did this with the 4800 Sunnyside home above, which was shot in September, but listed in January.  Sold the first days in multiples!

3. Shoot the Exterior Package Separately.


Still photography is the backbone of digital marketing for a home.  But as with drone video, tell the story of the home in the best months, not the worst.  You can shoot the exterior shots in the late summer or fall, and then shoot the interior shots later when your home is fully prepped and staged (see below).  Proper planning and a timeline for listing is key to this technique!

4. Make High ROI Improvements.

There is a lot of confusion about what consumers should do when prepping their home for sale.  In my experience, people invest in the wrong things, or simply don’t invest at all, both of which show up on the bottom line.

What you want to do is spend money on the improvements that increase perceived value the most, with the stress on perceived.   Cosmetics like paint, carpet, lighting, window treatments, and front landscaping make the biggest difference, as buyers pay more for a home that appears move-in ready.

5. Maximize Your Staging.

home-staging2-minneapolisSpeaking of perception, nothing can change the perceived value of a home faster and more effectively than staging.  Staging is highly effective in making a home more valuable and more saleable in the market.

Staging effects can easily be magnified through simple cosmetic improvements at the same time, such as lighting and carpet.  Since the digital consumer lives off of images, staging is a great way to maximize engagement for your home online.





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