November 12, 2015 Josh Sprague

Top Luxury Home Design Trends

top luxury design trends

Luxury is all about the lifestyle. It’s about how we live, how pampered we can make our surroundings and our home. Luxury home trends follow the lifestyle preferences of the luxury home owner. And now it’s time to transform your home into a luxury palace! Here are the most popular luxury home design trends that will bring comfort, sophistication, and exceptional value to your upper bracket home.

Home Theaters


Home theaters are becoming more and more popular in luxury homes. Kick back and relax in soft, supple leather theater seats and enjoy your favorite movie right from the comfort of your own home. You can even hook up a gaming system to your large screen and play with friends. Home theaters are great for entertaining family, friends, and neighbors.

Home Gyms


Transform a section of your basement into a private home gym. No more paying for a gym membership at an “average” club or waiting to use exercise machines. Add a treadmill, weights, yoga mats, jump rope, boxing bags, and lifting machines. Home gyms are luxurious and remind us to put our health before our wealth.

Wine Cellars


Wine is a part of luxury living. In luxury homes, a wine refrigerator just isn’t enough. Luxury homes have entire climate-controlled rooms just for wine storage. Whether you’re a serious oenophile or simply like to entertain, wine cellars are the way to go in upper bracket homes and estates.

Spa-Like Bathrooms


Luxury bathrooms can become spa-like by the use of light colors and natural materials like wood and stone that create a peaceful setting. Oversized windows bring the natural environment in, and provide great sunlight and tranquil views. Spa-like bathrooms also include deep soaking tubs, heated towel racks, and rain shower heads.

Outdoor Kitchens


Luxury home owners are starting to spend more time and money on outdoor entertaining. Outdoor bars and kitchen are great for entertaining guests, especially when combined with an infinity or other heated outdoor pool. Invite friends and neighbors over, grill up some steaks, and leverage that wine cellar you invested in! There is nothing better than being outside with good food, wine, and company on a perfect day.

Smart Homes


Technology is truly amazing. Now you can control your lights, lock the doors, change the room temperature, and play your favorite music all from your phone using wireless home automation devices. These high-tech wireless networks are exactly what luxury home buyers want, making it a great long-term investment for any luxury home owner.

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