August 16, 2017 Josh Sprague

Edina & Minnesota Relocation Tips


Edina & Minnesota Relocation Tips

The Twin Cities has always been a great place to raise families, do business, and learn. The region’s tradition of excellence in business, education, and quality of life has made it a sought-after relocation community.  A significant portion of our business helping incoming and outgoing transferees with Edina & Minnesota relocation tips and services.

Many come through our Sotheby’s International Realty network, while others come directly through our client relationships. What we offer these transferees is granular knowledge of the Twin Cities housing markets, and a seamless, world-class buying experience. Here are some of the scenarios where finding the right relocation expert matters.

Relocation Services

There many different situations where we can assist you with relocation needs, including the following:

  1. You are moving into Edina or Minnesota, either with or without a corporate relocation program, and need to find an agent to buy a home with here.  Our Edina & Minnesota relocation tips can help! And we can be your buyer’s agent and help you find a great home.
  2. You are moving out of Edina or Minnesota, and need to sell your home here, either with or without a corporate relocation program.  Our Edina & Minnesota relocation tips and services can help.  And we can be your listing agent and get the home sold quickly and for top dollar.
  3. Your family is moving out of Edina or Minnesota, and need to find an agent in another state or country to buy a new home with?  We can find you a highly qualified buyer’s agent.
  4. You own a second home/vacation property in Greater Minnesota, or in another state or country, and need to find an agent to rent or sell the home there. We can find you a highly qualified listing agent.
  5. You have a friend, family, or business associate in another state or country, and that person needs to find an agent to buy or sell a home with. We can find that person a highly qualified buyer’s agent or listing agent.

Sotheby’s International Network

What surprises most people about the above is that we can truly help them everywhere! As part of our Sotheby’s international real estate network, we have excellent connections to agents and markets around the world. These include top markets like New York, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even Austin!

Our Sotheby’s International Realty network has more than 20,000 sales associates located in 880 offices in 69 countries and territories worldwide. In 2017, the brand achieved a record global sales volume of 108 billion USD, we’ve got the juice!

The most compelling part of our network is the high-quality agents and properties that they offer. It’s a system that ensures our clients receive the same high level of service and results that we give in Edina and Minnesota!

So if you find that you have a need, please give me a call. If you have a friend or family in need, have them take a look at our website and our About Page to learn more about our services.

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