January 9, 2016 Josh Sprague

Luxury Home of the Week: Lapland, Finland

finland ski chalet sothebys

When our Nordic ancestors came to Minnesota in the 1860’s and beyond, they truly found their home away from home.  The climate, the environment, the change of seasons, were all reminiscent of their native lands in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Our Sotheby’s International Realty luxury home video of the week harkens back to the serene, nordic settings that both Minnesota and Finland are known for.

This luxurious two-story ski chalet listed for $1.67M is located in the far North of Finnish Lapland, in the popular vacation and nature resort Saariselkä. The cottage consists of eight separate two-person bedrooms providing private bathrooms for each room. The living room is two-story family living room with a spacious open view and a grand fireplace offering an inviting, Arctic touch. The dining area and modern kitchen are combined into a clever space, and located next to the enormous windows, which provide panoramic views over the magnificent Nordic landscapes.

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