November 3, 2015 Josh Sprague

Luxury Real Estate Marketing With Drones

luxury home marketing drone video

About 90% of homebuyers use the internet to search when searching for a home. That is extremely high. The good news is that you know where your home buying audience is. But what can you do to capture the interest and imagination of these online home shoppers? The answer is video. Videos are one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. Not just any video, either. The days are past when luxury real estate agents can simply rely on a video montage of photos and music. You need a video that captures the essence of the home, the lot, the block, and the surrounding neighborhood: the full visual context of a luxury home listing that tells the complete story of the home. Enter drone photography and video, the most powerful luxury home marketing tool available. Here are some compelling examples of drone videos that are leading the way with dynamic visual storytelling.

Drone Luxury Home and Lifestyle Marketing Video

Home buyers take into consideration more than just the house itself. They look at local schools, parks, neighborhoods, lakes and natural features, transportation options including biking and walking paths, and much more. Below is a great example of using drones to show the complete lifestyle of a luxury home. The video describes for a buyer what it would really be like to live and own that home in that location. With the use of a drone, the video captures stunning shots of the luxury home, the nearby lake, and even people walking and jogging in the area. It’s an extremely emotional way to sell the features of both a luxury home and a premier location.

Drone Luxury Neighborhood Marketing Video

Drones can capture the essence of a location like nothing else. The streetscape, the tree canopy, the subdivision, and the great neighborhood and amenities can all be captured through the use of a bird’s eye drone video. It’s a great way to communicate the lifestyle of a luxury home: will you be walking, biking, golfing, swimming, shopping, or socializing right out your front door? You won’t know unless you’ve seen the larger territory from the sky. Even driving through an area in a car will not deliver the same (emotional) context of a listing. Check out two very smart examples of neighborhood drone footage that truly delivers on the visual storytelling for the area, all this in under a minute!

Drone Home Marketing Video

Ever wonder how big that lot really is compared to others on the block? Or what is right around the corner from the home you’re about to buy? Well drone videos of the immediate lot and location help answer these buyer questions and “sell the sizzle” of the broader neighborhood context of a home. Here are some examples of “rise” shots under 30 seconds that show the home buyer what is right out their front and back doors:

Drone Instagram and Social Media Marketing  Video

After creating a video, it is time to share your video to your social media profiles. Each social media profile is different and may require a different type of video. You should upload your video to YouTube and optimize your video for SEO. You can even add an interactive outro slate surrounded by clickable annotations to get users to subscribe or watch another video. Instagram is a very popular social media platform. You are able to upload a video that is 15 seconds or less. You should edit your video capturing the best parts of the house in 15 seconds. By doing this, you are not just uploading the full video that will only capture the very beginning of the video with few parts of the house. Facebook is another platform that is very popular. Videos are very powerful on Facebook and tend to get a lot of views and engagement. You can either share your YouTube video or upload a video directly to Facebook. It is good to make sure you do both. However, YouTube videos will have a smaller video thumbnail and don’t perform as well. So make sure you provide a link to your YouTube channel or website listing page. Uploading a video will provide a large video thumbnail and at times will automatically play in the users newsfeed. These videos tend to perform a lot better and you can also provide a link to your website.

Drones: The Present and Future

There are many other ways you can use drones effectively for real estate marketing. Drones take real estate and video marketing to a whole new level. They provide unique content with stunning shots that is emotionally charged, powerful visual storytelling. They also provide “sticky,” extremely viral content for social media that is highly engaging for the buying audience. Drones are the future, the new standard, of luxury real estate marketing!

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