June 9, 2015 Josh Sprague

Edina Quality of Life Survey


There are many reasons to love Edina: convenient central location, fabulous lush parks and greenspace, excellent city services, low tax rates, top school district in the state, quality housing stock and neighborhoods, a thriving Greater Southdale Area commercial and retail zone, high-quality medical services and hospitals, residents and businesses who invest time, talent, and treasure into the community…anyone could increase the list. But in 2011 and 2013, the residents themselves were asked to provide their feedback on the city, what they love, and what they’d like to see improved.

Survey Results

Not surprisingly, 98 percent of respondents rated the quality of life in Edina as “excellent” or “good.” Other highlights from the 2011 Survey:

-Ninety-two percent of residents polled believe things in Edina are “generally headed in the right track;”
-Ninety-two percent of residents polled rated the ease of getting from place to place in Edina as “excellent” or “good;”
-City staff was rated “excellent” or “good” by 91 percent of respondents;
-With the second-highest rating in the metropolitan area, 79 percent of residents polled believe that if they wanted to, they could have a say about the way things are run in the community; and
-More than 30 percent couldn’t identify a serious issue facing Edina today. Other issues identified by about 1 in 10 people were taxes and lack of redevelopment.

2011 Edina Quality of Life Survey. You can also see the 2013 Edina Quality of Life Survey as well that continues the trend of high marks in all areas of quality of life.

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