Edina Education Fund

One of the organizations that makes our Edina community such a success is the Edina Education Fund. The Fund started in 1995 with a mission of maintaining and expanding Edina School District’s tradition of excellence and innovation. The Edina Education Fund raises over $500,000 a year to support two major initiatives: a teacher grant program, and district-wide programs. So, an individual teacher can apply for grant dollars to explore a new, innovative teaching technique or technology. Likewise, through consultation with the Edina School District, certain pilot projects may be identified for funding to get a program off the ground, in hopes of the District perhaps picking up the program in its funding down the road.


In recent years, the Fund has also facilitated technology “block grants” ($4,000-$7,000 per year) to all elementary schools. The schools then have the choice as to what technology to purchase with the grant funds. What an organization! For more information, please read the Edina Ed Fund Annual Report to the Community.

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