February 12, 2015 Josh Sprague

Edina Athletic Boosters


One of the greatest reasons for moving to Edina is the excellent community support for youth athletics. The athletic support and activities start early here. First, you can enroll your toddlers in a variety of youth sports at the Southdale YMCA. Once they are school age, they can start to participate in Edina Youth Athletics, which includes programs run by both the Edina Park and Recreation Department, and by the 9 city-sponsored Youth Athletic Associations. The next step is the Edina School District Athletic Programs, where kids can take it to the next competitive level (and remember Edina has won 155+ state championships to date).

What the Boosters Do

In terms of high school athletics, no one has done more to support their needs than the Edina Athletic Boosters. This group of parents and community leaders raises money to help support the needs of the various Edina High School sports — needs that would not be met by the school district otherwise. In fact, over 500 families donate to the boosters each year. This additional private support is part of the lasting legacy of Edina High School Athletics, which has produced champions in nearly every sanctioned sport.

The 2015-2016 season will see 1300+ Edina High School student athletes involved in 35+ sanctioned sports. The success and enjoyment associated with these Edina High School athletic programs are the result of the commitment of athletes, parents, staff, and the community at large. I hope you will join me and hundreds of other families and become an Edina Athletic Boosters Member.

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