August 28, 2015 Josh Sprague

The Power of Video in Real Estate Marketing

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In real estate and home marketing, visual imagery has always been king. Nothing tells the story of a home better than high-quality digital photography and interactive virtual tours, especially when presented in a fashion that walks people through a home intuitively, from the front curb all the way to the back of the home. In recent years, the power of visual imagery to sell and market homes has been exponentially increased by the rise of high-quality video production and drone photography, streamed to a highly engaged audience of billions. Yes, billions! With this background in mind, let’s take a look at five creative uses of video to sell homes in the new age of real estate and home marketing:

1. Luxury Home Video

Nothing tell the story of a luxury home better than a combination of drone and lifestyle videography. In this video for Minneapolis Luxury Real Estate 3248 Dupont Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408, we experience not only the beautiful spaces of the home, but what the lifestyle would be like living there. What morning coffee might be like. What a morning run around the lake and a workout in the private home gym would be like. And what showering, picking out your wardrobe, and walking out the front porch to work would be like. Creative. Intriguing. Powerful.

2. Short Film Video

This is one of the earliest and best examples of the power of video storytelling for homes, done by a company known as the “video brokerage,” The Boutique Real Estate Group out of Orange County, California. I love the way the music matches the story and the location so well. I also love the final shot: the drive-off drone shot really communicates the location (and topography) well to a would-be buyer.

3. Home Video Story

This video from a Norway real estate broker does a great job of showing the personality and the “soul” of the home. There is so much positive emotion conveyed by following the family’s life through the home. It’s something I am sure many buyers can connect to. There’s no place like home!

4. Lifestyle Home Video

One of the best (and over the top!) examples of a lifestyle video for a home, brought to you by luxury agent Ryan Serhat out of New York. The action fits the market segment well (big-city luxury condos), and also dramatically conveys the interiors of the home.

5. Instagram & Social Media Videos

After creating a video, it is time to share your video to your social media profiles. Each social media profile is different and may require a different type of video. You should upload your video to YouTube and optimize your video for SEO. You can even add an interactive outro slate surrounded by clickable annotations to get users to subscribe or watch another video. Instagram is a very popular social media platform. You are able to upload a video that is 15 seconds or less. You should edit your video capturing the best parts of the house in 15 seconds. By doing this, you are not just uploading the full video that will only capture the very beginning of the video with few parts of the house. Facebook is another platform that is very popular. Videos are very powerful on Facebook and tend to get a lot of views and engagement. You can either share your YouTube video or upload a video directly to Facebook. It is good to make sure you do both. However, YouTube videos will have a smaller video thumbnail and don’t perform as well. So make sure you provide a link to your YouTube channel or website listing page. Uploading a video will provide a large video thumbnail and at times will automatically play in the users newsfeed. These videos tend to perform a lot better and you can also provide a link to your website.

6. Real Estate Video Testimonial

Something that most real estate agents either fail to use, or use incorrectly, are real estate video client testimonials. Most agent will not even bother having these produced, due to expense or lack of knowledge. The ones that do either produce low-quality videos, or videos that are way too long for the average potential consumer to sit through and remember. Here, we produced black and white, 20-30 second testimonial videos to simply hit one or two main concepts about the experience of working with luxury real estate agent Josh Sprague. The final video is emotional, useful to would-be clients, and highly “sticky” content that can be spread virally around social media outlets.

There are more examples of high-quality home and real estate video marketing being produced and leveraged on behalf of luxury clients around the country. I invite you to check out my YouTube Channel where I have assembled these videos into playlists for your enjoyment. And please send more examples my way of any videos you see that are breaking new ground in home marketing!

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