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Best Edina Luxury Home Neighborhoods

Edina has some of the most beautiful single family neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, all featuring unique subdivisions and streetscapes, quality housing stock, gorgeous parks, streams, lakes and trails, and quick access to local schools and retail.  The quality of life in Edina is high!  Here are the top Edina luxury home neighborhoods, ranked both by sales and overall popularity.  Be sure to check out the individual pages for each neighborhood, where you can see recent sales statistics and video tours of the areas!


The Arden Park Neighborhood of Edina is one of the most popular and coveted areas in Edina, and has become a hot spot in recent years for new home buyers.  Unlike Edina Country Club, there are no restrictions on tearing down existing homes, which has led to the construction of many new, high-end luxury homes.  But like Country Club and other northeast Edina neighborhoods, it has immediate access to Minnehaha Creek nature area and trails,  and 50th  & France retail and restaurants.   In addition, a multi-million dollar renovation of Arden Park (from which it derives its name) was just completed, and includes a new warming house, playground, skating rink, trails, and landscaping.

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Edina Country Club was one of the first modern planned communities in the country.  Within its wide boulevards and grid-like streetscapes, you will find home styles representing all of the classic archetypes, including Colonial, Mediterranean, Tudor, and Georgian.  As a Historic Preservation District, homes built between 1924-1944 cannot be torn down, and front facades cannot be substantially altered without city architectural approval.   These rules have locked in the charm of the area for all of us!   The neighborhood is anchored by Minnehaha Creek, and features quick access to Wooddale and Browndale Parks.

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The Minnehaha Woods Neighborhood of Edina is situated on the east side of Minnehaha Creek, just across from Arden Park.   The Creek winds through this storybook 1940’s neighborhood and is the defining feature of the area.  Some of the most charming homes and streets can be found here, mixed in with an assortment of handsome new construction homes built in the last 10 years.   Classic subdivisions like South Harriet Park and Colonial Grove defined the character of the area and give it a classic New England feel, with great proximity to 50th and France’s desirable boutiques, grocery stores, and restaurants.

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This classic northeast Edina neighborhood can feel more like urban Minneapolis than suburban Edina, which is what many people love about it!  The housing stock (and tight-knit neighborhood association) feels very southwest Minneapolis, and features an assortment of classic homes mixed in with an ever-growing base of new construction homes.  44th and France retail offers quick access to retail and restaurants on foot, while Grimes and Kojetin Parks offer everything you need for outdoor activities and fun.  Moreover, a recent acquisition of Weber Woods from Minneapolis gives residents (and pets) another place to enjoy the outdoors.

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White Oaks is a striking contrast to its immediate neighbor of Edina Country Club, with a much more relaxed, undulating, and non-grid streetscape, and without any restrictions on teardown for new construction buyers.  The neighborhood sits adjacent to the 50th and France District for convenient and immediate access to great shopping and restaurants.   And the housing stock features classic archetypes and a variety of natural features, including wetlands and forested area.  Like Arden Park, White Oaks has become white hot with buyers in recent years.

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Like many West Edina neighborhoods, Indian Hills offers a more suburban, pastoral experience than on the east side, with larger, more private lots.  As its name suggests, Indian Hills is a network of forests, hills, and lakes that make it feel like you’re “in the country, in the city.”  The neighborhood is anchored by two wonderful lakes, Indianhead and Arrowhead, which both offer premium lakefront properties and building sites.  Unlike the east side, streets are wide, undulating, and without sidewalks.  With more room to build, luxury homes. in the area tend to be on the 8,000+ sf range, and often feature pools and other outdoor facilities.  This is a great area to build a private, wooded luxury retreat.

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Much like Indian Hills, the Parkwood Knolls Neighborhood of Edina offers park-like environment, with a network of ponds, pockets of forest, wide streetscapes, and bigger, private lots.   Parkwood Knolls sits in both the Edina 273 and Hopkins 271 school districts, which most buyers are aware of and choose according to their desired school choice (public or private).   Homes here are large, spread out, and accommodate a variety of outdoor structures including pools, (pond) hockey rinks, storage sheds, sport courts, and more.   Parkwood Knolls is anchored by Walnut Ridge Park, which offers an awesome skating rink, warming house, and playground, along with access to the Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail.

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The Rolling Green Neighborhood of Edina is the ultimate luxury neighborhood in Edina, and offers large, sweeping estates with many luxury lifestyle features.   Rolling Green is bounded by by two golf courses (perhaps symbolically!), and you can find luxury homes on both Interlachen Golf Course and Meadowbrook Golf Course.  Rolling Green homes can range 10,000+ sf in size, and offer every possible luxury amenity including pools, tennis courts, indoor sport courts, and more.   The streetscapes are wide, bucolic, and forested, and make the neighborhood feel like a very exclusive and serene country estate.

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Although we’ve only listed the top 8 Edina luxury home neighborhoods here, remember there are 45 Edina neighborhoods, each with their own distinct character and housing stock.   Check out the full list of Edina Neighborhoods below, you are sure to find a place that you can call “home.”

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