400 Westwood Drive: Mid-Century Masterpiece

Authentic mid-century modern homes are few and far between in the markets today. In fact, many are being torn down in prime locations where the dirt has become more expensive (and desirable) than the home. But in Golden Valley neighborhoods like Tyrol Hills and pockets of Edina Neighborhoods, you can still find true-to-form mid-century modern gems like 400 Westwood Dr. The property at 400 Westwood drive sits atop a pristine 1/2 acre site, perched high above.  The home gazes down at this very quiet valley inside North Tyrol Hills. The 400 Westwood Drive home was custom built in 1960 by the owner-developer.  Mr. Keller used all the best finishes and modern design that money could buy at the time.  His wife called for custom designed wallpaper “wrapped” from floor-to-ceiling in each room.  Together, the two made a a very special mid-century home! My favorite place in the home is the back sunroom, 20′ wide, surrounded in glass.  This room overlooks  a private, lush backyard with private waterfall and pond feature. Take a look at the beautiful showcase website for this home, including a cinematic video that showcases the proximity of this Tyrol Hills location to downtown Minneapolis, along with some recent articles on the property.

400 Westwood Property Showcase

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