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Top Luxury Home Design Trends

Luxury is all about the lifestyle. It’s about how we live, how pampered we can make our surroundings and our home. Luxury home trends follow the lifestyle preferences of the luxury home owner. Here are the most popular luxury home design trends that will bring comfort, sophistication, and exceptional value to your upper bracket home.

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Divine Deco: 4533 Ewing Ave S

It’s not often that you find a home like 4533 Ewing with so many pristine, original architectural details and features from the early 20th century. And, the best part is you have all that classic charm and character, combined with thoughtful, modern updates. Learn more about this Linden Hills home for sale.

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Luxury Real Estate Marketing With Drones

The days are past when luxury real estate agents can simply rely on a video montage of photos and music. You need a video that captures the full story of a home. Enter drone photography and video, the most powerful luxury home marketing tool available. Here are some compelling examples of drone videos that are leading the way with dynamic visual storytelling.

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Luxury Living off Calhoun: 3248 Dupont Ave

I don’t know if you’re like me, but nothing excites me more than a turn-of-the-century Minneapolis lakes area home. The woodwork. The leaded glass windows. The tall, carved doors. The glass knobs. The front porch. There is a certain timeless elegance to be found in these great homes in East Calhoun, Kenwood, and Lowry Hill.

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Twin Cities and Edina Luxury Home Market Update

In 2009-2012, the million dollar home market tanked. Jumbo mortgages shot up, underwriting tightened, prices plummeted, demand declined, and foreclosures increased. As the general economy, stock market, and corporate earnings recovered so, too, has this important segment of the housing market.

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Annual Cost vs Value Report

One of the most common questions I get from clients is: what can I do to improve the value of my home? The first three things on my list would be to eliminate obvious defects, enhance your curb appeal, and complete minor cosmetics. Then the question is, what major project comes next?

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6913 Dawson Lane, Edina: A 50’s Classic

The Mid-Century Modern homes in Edina, the 1950’s ramblers, are disappearing fast. In-fill new construction homes are slowly (about 200/year) replacing many of these precious specimens, which are often considered passe in terms of their size, floor plans, and amenities. But there are still opportunities out there to own one. Here’s one: 6913 Dawson Ln, Edina, MN.

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Top 5 Minnesota Luxury Home Markets

Each year, there are nearly 500 luxury (million plus) single family home sales in the state of Minnesota. When you are shopping for a luxury home, you should be aware of where the strongest markets are located, and choose accordingly (see the recent luxury home market update). Here is the list of the top 5 luxury home markets in Minnesota:

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